Parent Page

Hello Parents ! I am so happy that you are able to access our classroom website. I hope that you will find all of the resources helpful. In the classroom we try to have a hands on experience so below you will find a list of supplies that your child must have for class during the month of December. The supplies that were listed at the beginning of the school year still apply.If you have any issues with getting a hold of any of the items please let me know. 

December Supplies

1. Notebook (Large enough to hold a journal entry for everyday of the December month)

2. Christmas cards to hand out to each of their fellow classmates at the Christmas Celebration. (Homemade is allowed)

3. Desk Decorations (Can be anything that they desire to decorate there desk with for the holiday season.)

4. 4 cotton balls for their snowman project. ( I will supply the rest) 


We will have parent teacher conferences starting December 8. You can call the school to set these ups or contact me directly. These are very important for to attend. I would love to talk to you about how your child is doing in my class. If for some reason times conflict we can have a phone conference.