Rigby Art Room & Gallery


     Borough School Visual Arts

3rd-8th Grade

Ms. Rigby     






The visual arts program in Morris Plains Borough School is headed by professional Artist and Art Educator Kirstin Rigby.  Although certified to teach k-12 Rigby currently specializes in elementary education.  The Art room at Borough School is a magical world of fun and inspiration.  Students feel safe and free to express themselves while building upon technical skills from lesson to lesson.      Rigby is a dedicated teacher who runs various extra curricular activities to enrich students artistically.  Activities include but are not limited to; Art Club, Art Challenges, Scenery Crew, Halloween Window Painting, Mall project, and various contests through out the school year.     Ms. Rigby believes that all students can create art and that as long as the student tries then they will continue to advance artistically.  Rigby says "The age that you stop practicing art is the age that you will remain artistically as an adult"     Rigby grades her students under the following criteria; Creativity- is the student using original ideas and critical thinking.Craftsmanship- is the student taking their time to be neat and do the best job that they are capable. Following Directions- is the student paying attention and following the directions given by the teacher. a pinch of Behavior- Let's be honest the Art room is a fun place to be.  Ms. Rigby expects her students to have fun while being respectful of the art supplies, the Art room and other student’s artwork.If you have and questions or would like to volunteer as a helper in one of Ms. Rigby's after school activities please feel free to contact her kirstin.rigby@mps.morris.k12.nj.us -"I look forward to teaching all of your children to be creative and express themselvs" -Ms. Rigby