About Me

I graduated from Tulane University in May 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in English. I’m currently a Graduate Student at Pace University and am working towards my Master’s Degree

in Childhood Education as well as my New York State Teaching Certification. I started my teaching career a year ago, and most of my education experience has been spent in grades

Pre-K through 4th grade.


As an educator, I strongly believe that each student is in charge of their own academic

success. I aim to create a learning environment in which students feel confident and comfortable enough to explore their academic potential via a growth mindset. Each student

will be encouraged to develop, grow and accept challenges, ultimately leading them to

understand that their hard work will be recognized on an individual basis. I want my students

to know that I value how they choose to compose themselves throughout the academic

day; and if they are taking risks and finding new routes in which they can absorb

information, I want to encourage that behavior and have them learn from their good choices.


What I believe to be the most challenging aspect of teaching is getting students to respect their work, each other and the teacher. If there is respect for their learning, they will approach most assignments with a growth mindset attitude. If they feel safe enough to challenge themselves in front of their peers and their teachers, they should be praised with recognition of how difficult that can be, especially at an elementary age. By the end of the year, one of my ultimate goals is to have my students feel like I’ve taught them how to learn, and how to make meaning of their learning. I am teacher who is understanding to each individual level and who assess each student based on the learning experiences they have gained.