Homework (Dates assigned and dates due)

Hmwk. Hypothesis                                                                  NAME:


Help for Aging Memories


As aging occurs, the ability to form memories begins to decrease. Research has shown that an increase in the production of a certain molecule, BDNF, seems to restore the processes involved in storing memories. BDNF is found in the central nervous system and seems to be important in maintaining nerve cell health. Researchers are testing a new drug that seems to increase the production of BDNF.


Design an experiment to test the effectiveness of the new drug to increase the production

of BDNF in the brains of rats. In your answer, be sure to:


1. State the hypothesis your experiment will test [1]



2. Describe how the control group will be treated differently from the experimental

group [1]



3. Identify two factors that must be kept the same in both the experimental and control

groups [1]



4. Identify the dependent variable in your experiment [1]