We are finishing our unit on Fractions!

5/17: finish review packet, STUDY test Monday

5/16: fraction review packet through page 9

5/15: division word problem worksheet

5/14: division worksheet

4/26: word problems worksheet

4/25: mixed numbers/improper fraction worksheet

4/24: none, MAPs testing

4/23: work problem worksheet

4/19: Word problem worksheet

4/18: Fractions packet - finish

4/17: Quiz corrections, fractions packet (10 per sheet)

4/12: Fractions adding and subtracting quiz

4/11: STUDY, Fractions adding and subtracting quiz tomorrow

4/10: Subtracting mixed numbers worksheet

4/9: Subtracting fractions worksheet, uncommon denominators

4/8: Subtracting fractions worksheet, common denominators