We are moving back to the textbook to continue our Earth Science unit. We are continuing Health.

5/17: writing in science page 277 (minimum of 10 sentences) on loose leaf paper; Health: lesson review page E31 

5/16: Finish writing in science; Health: finish classwork

5/15: lesson check point #4 page 265

5/14: complete classwork; Health: lesson review page E21

4/26: no homework; Health: lesson review D61

4/25: Leif and the Engineering Design Process worksheet; Health: no homework

4/24: Starting STEM project, no homework

4/23: Set up weather station, no homework; Health: lesson review D53

4/19: none

4/18: Chapter 8 review; Health: lesson review page D49

4/17: collect a weather map from the newspaper (national); Health: Lesson review page D43

4/12: writing in science page 241; Health: lesson review page D33

4/11:writing in science page 234 & draw conclusions page 237; Health: lesson review page D29

4/10: none

4/9: finish classwork; Health: no homework

4/8: finish lab report & How to Read Science