Social Studies

We are still studying the Revolutionary War.

5/17: lesson review page 273 questions 1-5 on loose leaf paper

5/16: research activity page 269

5/15: none

5/14: questions 1-3 of lesson review

4/19: study, Chapter 8 test Tuesday

4/18: Chapter 8 review

4/17:Lesson review chapter 8 lesson 2, 2-5

4/12: Geography test, no homework

4/11: skills workshop worksheet, STUDY geography test tomorrow

4/10:lesson review page 214 questions 2-4 OR lesson review questions 2-5, states quiz today

4/9: STUDY states quiz tomorrow

4/8: finish vocabulary chart - 1st two columns

Here are a few sites that you can use for your current events articles.  You can also feel free to use websites that are not listed here.

News websites: