Supply List

This is our class supply list for the year.  K/1 and 2/3 have similar list and differences are noted in bold.

*In our class were will be sharing many of the supplies like the markers, crayons, etc. but students' names can be written on folders, clipboard, notebook, and scissors.*

School Supply List – Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

2 rolls paper towels

3 boxes Kleenex

1 bottle hand sanitizer

2 bottles hand soap

2 box sandwich size baggies

2 box quart size baggies

1 ream of copy paper

1 clipboard

Glue sticks (as many as you are able to purchase)

4 boxes crayons – 24 count

2 boxes markers – 10 count, fat or skinny

2 boxes colored pencils – 12 count

1 pair of scissors 

Dry erase markers, 2-3 packages, any color

1 highlighter, yellow

1 package sticky notes

2 boxes regular pencils (sharpened is helpful)

1 package lined paper, wide rule

2 folders, any color

1 composition notebook, primary (space for picture on top and lines at the bottom) – KINDERGARTEN/1ST GRADE ONLY

2 spiral notebooks, wide rule, 70 or 150 sheet – 2ND/3RD ONLY

2 scotch tape


1 ruler


On the bulletin board you see when you enter our school you will see our school Giving Tree.  The Giving Tree is where Mrs. Yanish and I will be putting any needs we need for our school or class.  If you are able to help and want to, please take a leaf or two and drop off the item or items once you have purchased them.  Below are some things that would be helpful.


Wish List

5x7 index cards

1 package construction paper

1 package multi-color card stock, 8x11

Whiteboards, reversable (amazon)

Masking tape

Small toys, erasers, candy, stickers, etc. for treasure chest/rewards


Letter stamps for alphabet

Number stamps for counting

Stamp pads for stamps

Red pens

Blue pens

Deck of cards

Water colors