What We Are Learning in Class!

In the know...

(Writing, Reading, Phonics)

In Reading we are working on various skills and continuting to build on the following:

  • Being able to talk about a book
  • Identifying fiction and non-fiction and what makes them different
  • Making connections with the story
  • Discussing different part of a non-fiction book.
  • Understanding how photos in our non-fiction book help us understand what they author is trying to tell us.

For Kindergarten, please ework on the following words:

have, is, play, come, on, be, big, one, has, and are

Practice rhyming words with your kiddos as well.  Bring attention the endings and how they rhyme.

First Grade: 

We are working on our spelling words during class.  



We are writing our own non-fiction books about storms.  

We are practicing:

  • Using descriptive words in our own non-fiction book.
  • How to write our letters correctly, top down not bottom up.


We have been learning about 3-D shapes, and creating various art projects using those shapes.  Yesterday we created various characters using cylinders and cones.  The day before that we used spheres(tennis balls) to create splatter art outside with water. 


This week in science, we continue to learn about different properties that scientist use to observe the world around us.  Yesterday we used weight and used the vocabulary words heavier, and lighter.  The kiddos used our balance in class to weigh our pattern blocks and compared them to each other. 

Social Studies

This week in social studies we have talked about the helpers we find in our community.  We also were able to finish our paper bag community.  Today we will be finish our "What I want to be..." papers.  They kids have been doing a great job doing their best work.