Class Content

I currently teach third grade at Flagler Beach Elementary School.  An outline of our curriculum and the areas of content we will be focusing on this year are as follows:


Subject Content Resource Website Description



Congruent or Not?    

 A tutorial about the congruency of polygons.


 Fact Families                                

Multiplication                       Interactive games that teach multiplication.

Measurement Skills

Geoboard                                        Use geoboards to create shapes and illustrate area and perimeter.

Life-Life Cycles:Plants/Animals        

 Biomes/Habitats    Learn about the different habitats and biomes on Earth.

Physical-Motions of Objects 

 Energy Story                         A story about the forms of energy that makes our world work.

Earth-Objects in the Sky 

 Virtual Moon Phases          View the phase of the moon for any date and time.

Social Studies       

Community/Culture Music of Countries & Culture                   Listen to music from other countries and cultures.


 White House 101                                Learn fun facts about presidents and the white house.

 Historical Perspectives 

 Dress Me Up                            Help a colonist from 1628 get dressed up.