Kindergarten Curriculum

Reading:     Harcourt Trophies-Phonemic Awareness, Guided Reading,     Writing, Centers and Balanced Literacy make up the many components of our reading block

Math:         Everyday Mathematics-Students are involved in many hands on activities to incorporate math into their everyday world.

Science:     District aligned with MN State Academic Standards

Social Studies:  District aligned with MN State Academic Standards

Technology: Our Media Specialist meets with the students to introduce them to the computer and how to login, logoff, find sites on the internet and how to create pictures on the computer.

Media/Library: The Media Specialist meets with the students and shares her love of books.  She teaches the students how to check out library books, how to care for them and how to select ones they want to bring home.

Specialists: The following occur on a rotating basis.  The students have 50 minutes of specialists everyday.  50 minutes of Art and 25 minutes of both music and physical education. 

Art:  Students explore different concepts related to art-such as using different mediums to create artwork, work on shapes, colors, blending, use of textures, etc....

Music: Students use music to explore their world.  They use vocabulary words such as fast and slow to describe the music they are hearing.  They also move to the beat of the music.

Physical Education: Students learn fundamental skills, such as throwing, bouncing, running, skipping, etc....