ECA Kindergarten Knights!!!

Welcome to Ms. Scott's Kinder Class

         I am so excited to be your teacher! We are going to have lots of fun learning and growing together. How exciting to be at the start of a new school here at ECA! I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to begin the year ahead. Each year brings the exciting opportunity to teach - and learn from - a new bunch of wonderful kids!

         Kindergarten is a year full of transitions. As the year progress, you will see your child gain both responsibliity and independence as a member of a challenging, exciting, and motivating learning environment. I hope our class will be place where your child feels comfortably challenged and where he or she will find the motivation to strive towards personal excellence. I always strive to nuture a caring and loving classroom where we can celebrate our achievements, support one another's emotional needs, and encourage one another towards postitive change. I love teaching and I will do everything I can to make sure your child succeeds!

           Support and interest from parents is a key element of student sucess. Please read and go through this classroom/ school policies with your child and use it throughtout the year. Also, please sign the enclosed documents and return them with your child. If you have any question cncerns, please feel free to contact me. Working together, I know that we can ensure a positive first grade experience for your child.


1st Nine Weeks

The first nine weeks we will be covering:


* Alphabet Recognition,

*Recognizing Letter sounds,

* Handwriting practice(Alphabet, Students First/Last names)

*Journey's Reading comprehension

*Rhyming words



Go Math! 

* Chapter 1 Represent,count, and write numbers 0 to 5

     * Lesson 1.1-1.2 Counting and write  numbers 1 and 2

     * Lesson 1.3-1.4 Counting and writing number 3 and 4

     * Lesson 1.5 -1.8 Counting, writing the number 5

     * Lesson 1.9- 1.10 Identifying and writing 0

Chapter 1 Test /Review

* Chapter 2 : Comparing Number to 5

    * Lesson 2.1 Same Number

     * Lesson 2.2 Greater Than

      * Lesson 2.3  Less Than

       *Lesson 2.4 Compare by matching sets to 5

       * Lesson 2.5 Compare by counting sets of 5

* Chapter 2 Review/Test