4th Quarter Extra Credit Project

4th Quarter Extra Credit Project:

“Get to know your friendly, neighborhood Mathematician.”

What: Make a creative project that covers the life and contributions of a famous mathematician.

How: Power Point, Song/Rap, Skit, Video, Advertisement, Poetry, Short Story, Interview, etc. (Essentially, anything your imaginative minds can come up with.) Also, this project is an individual assignment. You can get help from other people (like for a video), but you are the only one receiving credit for it.

When: Projects will be presented to the class during Exam Review Day in June. (Don’t worry, we’ll be reviewing for your exam the week prior.)

Why: If your project is successful (meaning you’ll be graded on a rubric), then your two lowest quiz grades will be dropped. More extra credit could also be available on your semester exam.  Learning about where some of this stuff came from might make math seem just a *tad* bit more important to you. Not to mention, some of these guys (and girls) are pretty interesting (and occasionally very weird).

See Ms. Simms for more details and to sign up for your project.
You must sign up before May 6th. Mathematicians are first come, first serve. (The sooner you sign up, the more likely you’ll get who you want).





4th Quarter Extra Credit Project Details

Mathematicians (from which to choose)

Archimedes                          Rene Descartes                   Hypatia of Alexandria
Pythagoras                           Leonardo Fibonacci           Pierre de Fermat
Euclid                                     Blaise Pascal                         Srinivasa Ramanujan
Sir Isaac Newton                Joseph Lagrange                 Eratosthenes
Karl Gauss                            Albert Einstein                     Abu Ja’far Khwarizmi
Leonhard Euler                   Maria Agnesi                       Diophantus

Carl Jacobi                            Mandelbrot                         Claudius Ptolemy
Georg Cantor                      Thales of Miletus                Maurits Escher
Luca Pacioli                          Abu Al-Biruni                       Apollonius of Perga

Extra Credit Project RequirementsGeneral
-Biographical Information (include life/death dates, birthplace, schooling, family background, etc.)
-Basic historical Information (what was going on during that time- any wars? Who was ruling? Etc.)
-What Branch of Mathematics worked in (Algebra? Number Theory? Calculus? Physics? Etc.)
-Three or more contributions to Mathematics/Science
-Interesting Facts not related to mathematics (lifestyle, activities, weird stuff, etc.)
-One or more contemporaries (other mathematicians alive during the same time)
-Power Point: must contain at least 7 slides
-*Song/Video/Interview: must be at least 2 minutes long
-*Skit/Monologue: must be at least 1 minute long
-Facebook Profile: drawn on poster board (NOT AN ACTUAL ONLINE PROFILE)
-*Painting/Drawing: needs to portray the mathematician or a scene from his/her life
*Requires a 1 to 2 page paper that covers the General RequirementsThe project will be scored on
-presentation (neatness, organization, delivery)
-creativity (basic or imaginative/over the top)
-information (amount given, how detailed)
-works cited (proper citation and research)

***There is a possibility that you do the project and DO NOT receive the extra credit.***

If you do not score high enough on the rubric, then you don’t get the extra credit.The more effort and time you put in, the more likely you’ll do well. Have fun with it and do your best. I want you to learn about this old dude/dudette, realize that math has been around for thousands of years, and people actually devote their entire lives to it (and it’s not that bad).