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Welcome Back to Johnson County Middle School!

Seventh Graders will be studying World Georgraphy and Cultures. It is going to be an exciting year. You will be expected to work in cooperative groups to accomplish a lot this year. You will find that YOU are in control of YOUR learning. Which means being responsibile for doing your best work in class and being responsible for your assignments and due dates. I will be your facilitator and make sure that you have a classroom environment that allows you independence as well as materials to contribute to your success but ultimately you have to take the driver's seat to learn the material!

I will hold individuals responsible for their behavior and you will be accountable for yourself! The class will foster an atmosphere of acceptance, positive self esteem, and cooperation. Please do your part to contribute to the success of our classroom.

This site is a great way to get homework assignment, class assignments and other important information for students and parents.

Calendar of Events!

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First Day

of School






















  1. First day of School AUG 3
  2. Complete all paperwork and return to school
  3. Get school supplies for class. # 2 pencils, notebook paper, 3 ring binder, 3 prong file folders, 3x5 note cards, colored pencils,