Book Kite Reports!

Book Kite Book Reports

This page is a reminder for the Book Kite Book Report projects that the students will be making and presenting beginning in May. Each student will be choosing a good fit book that they would like to read to the class. If it is a long book please find a part of the book to share that takes no more than 10 minutes to read. To go along with their book, they will need to create a kite that has four triangles. They can use any materials they would like. The kite should be at least the size of a piece of computer paper. In each triangle they should include one of the following:

Summary of the story (Main events)

Description of the main character(s)




Create a different ending

Since there are only four triangles, they will choose only four of the above to include in their book kite. If you have any questions on the project or what a good fit book is please let me know! Have fun and be creative!

Below is the rubric and schedule of presentations.