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Civil War Museum Project Rubric


How did the differences between the north and south lead to the Civil War?

For the next couple of weeks, you will be using a variety of resources to complete a Westward Expansion/Civil War Packet which will include the Westward Expansion lesson guides, abolitionist organizer, North vs. South Comparison Sheet, and Significant Battle Worksheet.

Each assignment will be counted as a classwork grade. The "Gallery Product" will be the final task and it will count as one test grade. We will create a 4th grade Civil War Museum. Students are to get creative and produce one model/representation demonstrating either the north vs. south, and abolitionist, or a significant battle of your assigned side (given out after completion of packet).

In addition to your visual, you should include a label summarizing your representation. The entire packet is due on Monday, April 23rd. Packets must be complete before moving on to visual. Students will use the 24th through the 30th to work on their museum product during class time. The POL will take place Thursday, May 3rd at 2pm. This will be open to parents!