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Hello everyone! I hope that the information below helps you understand what we are doing in class as well as feel updated on things coming up in the classroom. 

Upcoming Dates to Remember

May 3rd-POL 2 PM

May 7th- SC Ready Reading Part 1

May 8th-SC Ready Reading Part 2

May 10th-SC Ready Math

May 114th-SC PASS Science

Student Shoutouts!

-Congrats to Jae, Audrina, and Zane for going up 4 or more reading levels this year! So proud of you all!

-All of my students for making great gains on their reading MAP scores!

Keep up the great work!

Spelling Words: All students have the same set of 4th grade high frequency words. Students will be tested on all 10 words, and be given 3 bonus words to try.

What we are learning this week


On Monday, students reviewed through a math bingo game and some questions on the iknowit website. We will be taking our chapter 11 test this week and then moving into chapter 12. We will continue with measurment, but moving on to the metric units. We will be begin with length and then capacity and mass will follow. 


Please utilize the iknowit.com as well as the prodigygame website to help students practice measurement. 


With SC Ready test right around the corner, we will be taking the time this week to review different skills we have noticed students struggle with. Inferencing, summarizing, and character traits are the main one's I see students struggle with across the board. We will also continue working on science standards during reading. This week we will focus on how the rotation of earth helps bring about changes in seasons, day and night, as well as shadows. 

In writing students will be working a variety of different skills to help prepare for the testing that will take place next week.


Our new PBL unit will focus on the Civil War. This will be our last (official)  PBL project for the school year. The POL date is set for May 3rd at 2PM. Please see the PBL tab for the rubric and the information that was given to students in class as well. 


Students are very excited about their projects and cannot wait to share what they have learned.




Links to great websites to aid students with Math and Reading

Math Playground- filled with different math games that students can enjoy. Can work on skills not only in fourth but lower or higher as well. Students have been on this website before during school.

Jumpstart- great website to use so students can learn while having fun. 

Prodigy Game- students can work on different math skills while feeling like they are interacting with a game.

MAP Skills- used to help students work on skills that they either need enrichment or be challenged in based on the MAP test taken at the begining of the year. Logins were sent home in agendas. If you would like it emailed to you, please let me know.

Password: rwastudent

MobyMax- Students will be using this website in class as well working on different math skills which will monitor their progress throughout the year.

Username: first letter of first name and last name. Ex: nstewart

Password: student

I Know It!- This website focuses on math skills that students need to master by the end of fourth grade. Students can work on lower or higher grade level skills as well. 

Username: first letter of first name and last name. Ex: nstewart

Password: student

"Education is a gift that no one can take away."

-American Proverb