Auto-Ethnography: Counter Narratives from Locke High


Counter Narratives from Locke High School  


After studying Solorzano's Resistance Theory, sudents in Ms. Stone's senior English classes at Locke High School took part in their own resistance. Through language, they resist criminalization, dehymanization, and oppression. 



Auto-ethnography: Auto-ethnographies differ from other traditions such as autobiography because they emphasize the experience of a social group rather than solely the perspective of an individual. You will be revealing connections between personal experience and collective reality.


Purpose: To elevate the consciousness and understanding we have of each other and ourselves.


Format: Academic paragraph writing; a paper

Language: Formal first person, with consideration to correct grammar 



Write a paper in which you focus on just one of the many cultures or groups you are a part of. In this paper, discuss and develop ideas about this group that challenge stereotypes, misconceptions, and/or misrepresentations that people may have about your group.