Class Expectations

My name is Sylvia Basile and I graduated in 2009 from Columbia College in Columbia, Sc with a M.Ed. in Divergent Learning and in 2005 from the American InterContinental University with a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology. I also have a BA in English Language and Literature from West Virginia University (2003) and am currently working towards my 3rd Masters, this time in Englsih from Southern New Hampshire University. I am a eigth year teacher and have worked in Columbia, South Carolina where I taught 6th -12th grade English Language Arts., and in Las Vegas, Nevada where I taught 7th grade Language Arts, 7th grade Gifted and Talented Language Arts, English 11, and Honors English 11.  I am excited about learning and growing together with our wonderful staff and families.

I have a few important notes for you pertinent to this class.

  • First LiveLessons are Required and you will be given a participation grade for them. If you miss a LiveLesson you can watch the recorded LiveLesson, found in the LiveLessons Lesson and complete the activity we did during the LiveLesson, then submit your answers.
  • You must submit every lesson and every response using complete sentences, with proper capitalization and punctuation in all responses to lessons and you have fully answered all parts of the question.
  • Before submitting any lessons please follow these steps;
    • Are all of your answers in complete sentences?
    • Did you reword the question to make a statement that states your answer?
      1. For Example;
        1. What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is ....
        2. How it can be avoided? It can be avoided by...
    • Make sure you answered the question completely
      • For Example:
        1. What are the penalties of it, and what will happen if you are caught plagiarizing at this school? Answer both questions, "What are the penalties of plagiarism?" and "What will happen if you are caught plagiarizing at this school?"