Asssignments & Projects

"The Parts of Speech Book"---This project is worth eight to ten assignment/daily grades and one test grade.  The students are given class time as well as time at home to complete each page; thus, each page is worth a daily grade. The final project is worth a test grade and is expected to be free of errors and creatively done.  Examples will be given.  Due Date:_____________________________
Reading Fair Projects---This assignment is required of my English I students.  Students are required to complete a reading fair board on a book they have read.  This book cannot be the required summer reading book, The Outsiders.  It may be one of the other books listed.  The board should contain all of the following information on the book read: title, main characters, plot summary, conflict, resolution, author, and publisher & publication date.  All information on the board should be typed and neatly displayed.  This assignment is worth two (2) test grades.  Due Date:__________________