The recommended amount of time to be spent on homework in fourth grade is  one hour. Homework assignments will be posted on the board every afternoon and students are responsible for writing down the assignment in their agendas. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and will usually consist of math practice, spelling and 30 minutes of reading. Your child should also practice his/her times tables facts every night.  The goal is 100 problems in 4 minutes.

Students should have a designated "homework" spot that is quiet and free of distraction. Parents, please take the time to look over your child's homework, sign the agenda book, and log how many pages your child has read.

Monday- no school

Tuesday- math workbook pg. 10-11 and spelling pg. 9

Wednesday- math workbook pg. 12-13 and spelling pg. 8

Thursday- math workbook pg. 14 and spelling pg. 10.  Study for spelling test.