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Ms. Tera’s Classroom News

Nov . 2nd-5th

                                               Bible Story: Hannah Prays                                               

  This week we will be learning the letter "I". We will be constructing the letter, making the sound and talking about words that start with the letter "Ii". 

Circle Time Activities:  Learning what letter our name starts with. Making the letter with HWT sticks. We will talk about colors, the oval, nursery rhymes, calendar, finger play, the weather and more.  We will read books that begin with "Ii".  We will continue to talk about rhymes and opposites.


Sensory Table:  ribbon and scissors (working on our fine motor skills)

Art: using glue, tape, crayons, markers, colored pencils, dot paint and roller paint. 

Language:  Books about the alphabet, friends, shapes and more. Dry erase boards, Handwriting without Tears wood pieces. Alphabet center with pictures. Letter hunting.

 Writing:  stencils, alphabet stamps, paper, cards, tape, stapler and more. Practicing the first letter or more of our name and the letter "Ii". 

Math & Science:  matching,  counting, sorting, magnifying glass, count and place numbers in order from 1-5. 

Fine Motor:  puzzles (numbers, alphabet and more), lacing beads, pattern making, playdoh (making the letter "I" with playdoh), sorting by color 

Block:  Wooden blocks, Legos, foam blocks, people, and cars. Building Blocks with our friends. Compare and contrast the size and texture of the different blocks.

 Easel:  chalk painting              

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Thanks so much to all the parents..our Fall Harvest parties were a big success. The children definitely enjoyed themselves. REMINDER: As the weather gets colder, please remember to dress your child appropriately. We do have recess as long as it is above freezing. I recommend coats, gloves and hats. We will be working on dressing ourselves so any practice they can do at home will help you out in the long run. Show and Tell this week is Thurs and Fri. Please bring something that begins with the letter "I".  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns—  841-5044 or    Thanks Ms. Tera