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Homework Page for 7th Grade! laugh

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7th Grade (308, 306)


Monday  May 15, 2017 Homework-Soft Covered

Page 192,  (7th grade)

                   1 hour per day; work on any deficiency you may have:

                   integers, equations, measurements, proportions, statistics, probability


pages 188, 192    9.2- 9.3  Softcover Red Workbook

                       (7th grade)    

                               1 hour per day; work on any deficency you may have

                               integers, equations, measurements, probability, statistics, probability


May 19, 2017

This week 306 and 309 had Mathematics' class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We took the 9.1-9.3 Quiz today, Friday-May 19,2017.


Homework.   8th grade equations, 7th grade probability and statisitics.

  1 hour per day this weekend  (Total of 3 hours).


Students will be Map Testing on Friday May 26,2017

Map Review will be taking place this week in Mathematics' class.

May 22, 2017  - Homework should work on exponents and roots today for homework.  1 hour!!

                         Students will receive 100% for homework if this assignment is completed.

Exponents and roots

  1. reportF.1Understanding exponents
  2. reportF.2Evaluate exponents
  3. reportF.3Solve equations with variable exponents
  4. reportF.4Exponents with negative bases
  5. reportF.5Exponents with decimal and fractional bases
  6. reportF.6Understanding negative exponents
  7. reportF.7Evaluate negative exponents
  8. reportF.8Multiplication with exponents
  9. reportF.9Division with exponents
  10. reportF.10Multiplication and division with exponents
  11. reportF.11Power rule
  12. reportF.12Evaluate expressions using properties of exponents
  13. reportF.13Identify equivalent expressions involving exponents
  14. reportF.14Square roots of perfect squares
  15. reportF.15Positive and negative square roots
  16. reportF.16Estimate positive and negative square roots
  17. reportF.17Relationship between squares and square roots
  18. reportF.18Solve equations involving squares and square roots
  19. reportF.19Cube roots of perfect cubes
  20. reportF.20Solve equations involving cubes and cube roots
  21. reportF.21Estimate cube roots


May 30, 2017-  Seventh Grade

Monday: Holiday


Tuesday: Map Review  (Reviewing Various Concepts)

Scientific Notation

Order of  Operations


Complex  Numbers

Pythagorean Theory



Map testing -Roche

Map Review -Pearce



Map Testing –Pearce

Chapter 9-4 Volume - Roche

Pages 380-381



Chapter 9-4 Volume- Page 380-381

Teacher will review with students

9-5 Volume of Pyramid page 386-387

Teacher will introduced to students and we will begin the exercise.