Article:Building Family and Community Relations

Staff Workshop Teacher Handout: From- Building Family and Community Relations


This article was about the skills that an early childhood educator must posses in order to be a good teacher. It stated that teachers need to understand children’s lives are influenced by family as well as the community and that children come from many different backgrounds. It explained how a good parent-teacher relationship benefits a child’s educational development as well as builds strong bonds between the family and the teacher. The article expressed that early childhood educators have to be able to support families in any way including referring them to resources or providing information on topics of interest to families and also about the importance of communication.


In my opinion, this article could be very useful to new teachers, because it provides information on the how important parent teacher relationships and also how an early childhood teacher needs to have knowledge of community resources. It gave great information about taking in consideration a child’s background and adapting to make sure you can take care of that child’s needs. The article was very informative and could be used as a part of a Staff handbook to give teachers an overview of what is expected from them in the classroom as well as how to be a very productive teacher. It is a very useful article because it makes teachers look at the whole child and not just while he or she in their classroom.