Z.L. Activities


Vocabulary words for the week of May 4th -8th.


1. Hayachi:we


2. K’emossone


3. Udeyanne


4. Łakwimonne


5. Lena:we


Activity: Lena:we (Plants)



              What they need to know: I can identify the parts of a plant

              What do they have to do: I can name and describe parts of a plant

              Materials: Paper, Pencil/marker


              Directions: Ask your child/children to describe the parts of the

              plant in Zuni. Write down their responses on a paper of what

              they see in the picture. Try to only speak in Zuni as much as

              you can. If you do not speak Zuni you can ask other family

              members or Zuni friends to help. If your child/children does

              not understand what you are asking them, you can point to

              the picture as you are asking the question. Here is an example.


English: what is this?

Zuni translation: Kwa’p lukkya? (pointing to parts of the plant)

If they answer in English, you would translate in Zuni.

Repeat the word and have the child/children repeat with you three times.


              Here are some questions you can ask? You would translate

              in Zuni.

What color is the plant?

What is the size of the plant? Big? Small?

What kind of plant is it? Is it a flower? A weed?


              Check for Understanding: Repeat questions that were asked.


              Extended Activity: Help your child/children make his or her own

              bouquet of flower whatever you have at your home. You can use 

              cardboards, paper, newspaper, sticks, clay, etc, be creative and

              take a picture of your bouquet and email me the picture.


              Here are some examples:





                                 Outdoor Activity

Have your child go outside and find a flower if possible or a plant if not they can look for

one in a book or magazine. After looking over the flower/plant they can label/color the

flower below. The words are in Zuni please help them pronounce.

Practice the colors with them as well.



                             (1) Udeyanne (their choice of color)  


                               (3) Hayachi:we    (ashenanne/green)      

                               (4) Łakwimonne (sossona/brown)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



Wowe A:wank’okshi Denanne

Farm Animal Song

By: April Harker, Kara Shetima and Elroy Chopito



 Lukkya wa:kyashi

 Mu:lelek’e:a, Mu:lelek’e:a

 Moo, moo, moo.


Lukkya bitsu:di

Nohnohk’e:a, Nohnohk’e:a

Oink, oink, oink.


Lukkya dushi

Ye:lashe:a, Ye:lashe:a

Ye:laha, ye:laha


Lukkya kyane:lu

Melelek’e:a, melelek’e:a

Maa, maa, maa.