Wesleyan Humanities

Summer Reading Assignment

Introduction: The rigorous nature of the Wesleyan Humanities class requires a little extra effort on the part of its students.  So, instead of the school-wide summer reading project, we will be engaging in our own, class-specific assignment, to prepare us for the types of text we’ll be dealing with this year, as well as give us more time to spend on other texts throughout the year. 


1. Read In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway.  I will have copies available for students to borrow over the summer.  If you lose the book, plan to purchase a new one before the beginning of the year. 
2. Keep a reading journal (see attached sample.)  You must have a minimum of ten journal entries.  These journal entries must cover the entire novel.  Divide either by page numbers or chapters, whichever is most convenient for you.
3. Complete a one page response answering the question “How does the novel In Our Time demonstrate the nobility of human spirit under pressure?” (This response should be typed and double-spaced, with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.)

Grading:Both assignments are due on the first day back to school.  The reading journal will be worth a quiz grade.  The written response will be worth a test grade. 

A Note about Cheating:You are expected to do your own work.  That means reading the book, taking your own notes, writing your own journals, and completing your own essay.  Anyone who uses anything other than his or her own brain will receive a 0 for the assignment in question.   

Questions:If you have questions over the summer, you can email me at karen.tuthill@ct.gov.  I will check my work email to address any issues that may arise.  Also, please visit http://MsTuthill.educatorpages.com.   I will post reminders, suggested timelines, and other interesting tidbits throughout the summer to assist you, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions.