Thomas Jefferson High School

“Our mission is to provide opportunities for all students to achieve academic excellence and to provide a quality teacher/learning environment which assures that every student learns.”

English III and IV Syllabus - Ms. Lee - Rm A104


Welcome to a brand new day! I am your English teacher, Ms. Lee, and I am very happy to have joined the Thomas Jefferson High family! I am here to assist each of you in the learning process.  We are all here to read, write and speak in a meaningful and challenging way - producing discussions and essays that will leave our audience thinking.  Along the way we should grow in appreciation of our own ideas and abilities as well as in the abilities of those around us in class and those who come to us through their own texts.

All the while some of our underlying questions will be: What is the purpose of writing?  What are the effects of writing?  How is language used to affect audience?  How can I use this knowledge?  I hope we will leave this course as more critical thinkers and able writers than we started, and a yearning to continue writing beyond high school and a commitment as people to think critically about our world and education.

In order to guide each child in achieving his/her goals, I teach an interdisciplinary curriculum based on the Louisiana Standard Course of Study, GLEs and National English Language Arts Standards

Grading Policy:

I will provide interim progress reports every four weeks so that you are able to best manage your time and effort for the course.  If you wish to see your grade before the next progress report, please use the online grade service or come and see me before school, during lunch, or after school.  Your grade will come from the following categories: class work, participation, informal assessments, homework, and formal assessments/projects.

100-93 – A – Work EXCEEDS the expectations

92-85 – B – Work meets expectations 

84-77 – C- Work that is approaching expectations

76-70 – D - Work that is below expectations

70-0 – F – Well, we don’t even have to discuss that, right?

Some of the ways that parents can assist me in providing a productive learning environment for each student are:

1. Ask them what they learned in my class each day and if they have homework (they almost always will).

2. Communicate unique concerns/issues with me that will affect your child’s day

(i.e. death in the family, change of medication, etc). Contact via email or a note is best!

3. Donate supplies as you are able (especially boxes of tissue and copy paper)

4. Donate your time as you are able (contact me directly or the PTSO).

5 P’s of Ms. Lee
Professional:  The skills that we learn in school are to prepare us for life beyond the classroom.  Some of these skills are not learned from books.  It is important to maintain a professional attitude, dress, workmanship, etc in all that we do in the public realm.
                - All school rules will be followed
                - All work must be authentic.  Cheating and plagiarizing will not be tolerated – you will get a zero.
Prompt:  It is important to be on time to class and prepared to work.  If you arrive to class late then you are not only missing out on your own education, but you are distracting others from theirs.  Therefore, tardiness will not be tolerated.
Polite:   Thoughts and ideas relevant to the subject being discussed are always welcome to be shared with the entire class.  We will discuss many ideas – some of them sensitive – therefore we will be respectful of ourselves and other living beings while in this room in all speech and manner.
                - When someone is speaking, we do not speak.  Raise your hand and you will be called upon.
                - This classroom is a safe space – no form of bullying will be tolerated.
Personable:  Please leave all negative/offensive attitudes, comments, gesturing, etc at the door.

Prepared:   It is important to have ALL materials necessary for class.  These materials include (1) notebook paper, (2) 1.5 inch 3-ring binder with pockets and dividers labeled OR 5-subject notebook (3) a pencil pouch inside of binder with PENS (royal-blue or black only and 1 red pen), highlighter, post-it notes, (4) an open mind, (5) completed assignments, and (6) other necessary learning materials.  If you do not have these things, then you are not prepared for class, which means that you can not fully participate and will not receive credit for having done so.

If you feel that you cannot adhere to the 5 P’s of Ms. Lee one or more of the following will result:

                1. You will be given ONE verbal warning
                2. You will be assigned detention.
                3. Your parent/guardian will be contacted for an intervention on the matter.
                4. You will be told to excuse yourself to the principal’s office.

                  5. Other JPPSS/Thomas Jefferson High approved consequences

Late work policy: Late homework is NOT accepted. You have the option to turn in your work one day late for a letter grade off and 2 days late for 2 letter grades off.  If you choose to turn your work in more than 2 days late, the best you can hope to receive is a 50%.  If you have an excused absence, then exceptions will be made.

Absences: Attendance is very important, so please try your best to be in class every day.  If you are absent, please check the Student Log book for your assignment and obtain necessary handouts from the file box.  Please see me if you have any questions about the assignment.  You are responsible for turning it in with a one day extension (this can be adjusted depending on how many days you were absent).

Leaving Class Policy:  Your presence and participation in class is extremely important to your success here.  Please use the facilities during class change. If I deem your request as a personal emergency (i.e. you are on fire or bleeding), an exception will be made.
If you need to leave class during class (bathroom, water, nurse, etc), choose an appropriate time to raise your hand (try not to do so while I am giving instruction) or come ask me during independent work time.  Once given permission and your pass is signed, exit quietly (you may take up to 3 minutes for water/bathroom).  When you return, please quietly take your seat.

You are responsible for anything you may have missed while out of class.

Lab fees/Supplementary reading materials: since you may be required to purchase a book between now and the end of the year, lab fees will not be collected.

Advice and comment
- Assume that your writing in this class is public writing that others might read or hear.
- If you believe your work in this class is not being dealt with appropriately, come by to see me privately so we can talk.  Come sooner rather than later.  A visit during the last days of the marking period will not help you if your goal for the visit is to write or speak your way to an enhanced final grade.

"Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts"
- Nikki Giovanni