About Me

I am a native New Yorker, a Long Island girl. I go back often to visit! I love history and enjoy traveling as much as I can. I have been to Spain, Italy, Alaska, Ireland, France, England as well as many cities in the United States!

My daughter, Alyssa, graduated last year from Deltona High (Go Wolves!) and my son, Johnathan, graduated from Deland High School (Go Bulldogs!) Johnathan is in New York, he has just finished his last year of college and is trying to make it on Broadway! He loves to sing and act!

Alyssa loves animals and currently has a few show dogs that she is trying to make champions! She was at Westminster last year and is headed back again this year! She just moved to New York for college.  My husband, Troy is a chef – so I eat well! He watches over the home with our big dog, Jake, when Alyssa and I travel. As you can see, we are an animal family and you will hear many stories about crazy Jake, and the rest of the zoo!

We have cats as well and there is always something to pet around the house! I am a fan of Johnny Depp and Billy Joel. I love most kinds of music and I play it in my classroom often. I also love Hershey's chocolate and coffee! I have lived in Florida since 1988.