Ms. Vallejo's Kindergarten Class!

thistle in meadow Welcome to Kindergarten!  Cool

I would like to welcome all of my students and their families to Kindergarten here at Meadowlane Elementary School. I'm so excited to be your Kindergarten teacher. This school year we will be "Wild About Learning" in Room 101. Together we will be exploring different animals and habitats right here in our own backyard, Hialeah, Florida. Many projects are in the works! Among them,  we will be partners in helping to make a change in the world by restoring parts of our school back to a MEADOW. Did you know that our city of  Hialeah gets its name from a Seminole Indian word for meadow or high prarie? Did you know that before our school was built  - the very land it was built on was a vast meadow or prarie? Pretty cool, huh? Take a close look at the picture on the right. The picture is of a meadow - very similar to the one that existed here before the school and the buildings around the school were built. See the pinkish/purple flower at the front of the picture? That's a THISTLE! It happens to be Ms. Vallejo's favorite flower. I can't wait to start off the school year and learn about some of your favorite things. Have a great summer!

Presently...this site is under construction...but as soon as it is finished you will be able to find information and resources available to you and your family to help you learn and grow. 


Ms. Vallejo