Language Arts


Students will become actively involved in a Balanced Literacy Approach Program in which the following areas are addressed:

*    Reading

*    Writing

*    Listening

*    Speaking

*    Viewing


Reading Components:

Read Aloud: A book is read to the students and a written response may be given by the students.

Shared Reading: An overhead text is provided for the students to participate in active thinking about the reading.

Guided Reading: Small group instruction to teach a given skill.

Literature Circles: Small discussion groups that provide students with the time to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of literacy.

Independent Reading: Teacher helps students choose books at their independent reading levels through book talks and mini-lessons.  Students also engage in a conversation with the teacher about the book they are reading through weekly letters.


Writing Workshop Components

Modeled Writing

Shared Writing

Guided Writing

Independent Writing


Word Study 

Word Journeys is an approach to assessming children's spelling and word knowledge abilities and offers effeective and appropriate instrution.  Lessons include individualized spelling word lists based on the child's level of word study knowledge, and small group instruction, which teaches spelling techniques.  

WritMonthly Spelling Contract - students will complete 4 spelling contract activities of choice to practice their weekly features.

September Contract

October Contract

November Contract

December Contract

Janurary Conract

February Contract

March Contract

April Contract

May Contract

June Contract