I have an assignment on my desk for you to do ,Izzuddiin

If you don't find it in the room Amiira,then I am sleeping

After you finish put it on my desk and play on the computer UNTIL I wake up.

If I already woke up,go to any of the links that I provide in my links page.

If you are doing acadamic skill builders,please log on to your account.

In,click signin and these are the things you need to type.



The pasword with the numbers and two letters.The password I usually do.

Go on the links for 30 min.

THen take a 20min. computer aqw break.

I trust you for 20 min!!!!

After that,I will come and you  will start  with me.

This is just morning work.

Make sure to put stopwatch for any of the times I put bellow.

Break:20 min

Educational Links:30 min

That is all your morning work .

I will be there after that!!!!

Please be honest like  you promised yesterday.

Call me after you finish.

Have a great morning!!!!!!!!!!!!yescoolwink