Teacher Profile

Ms. Vue's Educational Philosophy

“Educators have to teach.  They have to transform transfers of information into a ‘real act of knowing’.” ~ Paulo Freire


            Integral to my belief in education is the notion that each student is an individual who must be treated with respect.  Moreover, each student is responsible for learning.  As a teacher, I am responsible for teaching students how to learn and how to think.  My role is to compel the student to reveal his or her knowledge through various and clever means of discussion.  The ability to hold these discussions is based on trust and mutual respect between student and teacher.


            I believe that by acknowledging how students learn and think in addition to who they are and what they bring to the classroom, I will be able to best serve my students.  The ultimate purpose of education is to guide individuals to strive for excellence.   Moreover, education is the best way to prevent the transmission of intergenerational poverty and ignorance amongst society.  With a well-rounded individual, I only hope that the individual will take the information that has been “transferred” to him/her and share it with the larger community.  Thus, an improvement of self is translated to an improvement of all.


Get to know Ms. Vue

  • Born and raised in Colorado
  • The oldest of six children
  • Initially wanted to be a policy advisor in the human rights arena
  • Moved to New York City all by herself...expecting the unexpected!
  • Loves to read historical fiction books
  • Addicted to Starbucks coffee
  • Doesn't get enough sleep...*yawns*