Classroom Expectations and Goals

What do I expect of my students?

1) Work Hard

  • Always strive for excellence.  NO EXCUSES!
  • Come to class on time, prepared with homework done and all supplies, ready to learn with a positive attitude.
  • Ask for help!  It is student's responsibility to seek help when he/she doesn't understand something or when he/she needs support.

2) Be Nice

  • Respect teachers and other students.
  • Help make the classroom a safe place where everyone can learn.
  • Keep hands and objects to yourself and focus on learning.
  • Help to keep the classroom clean.
  • Work as a team and give help when someone else asks.

3) Follow Directions the First Time They are Given

  • Following directions is NON-NEGOTIABLE!  ANYONE who has a hard time following directions will be excluded from class privileges and activities.



1) Students will listen, speak, write, and read in English to participate in social and academic contexts.

2) Students will show 1.2-1.5 years of growth (progress) in English (reading and writing) skills.

3) Students will use various strategies to improve their reading comprehension.

4) Students will understand the meanings of academic (grade level) vocabulary.

5) Students will use the Writing Process to create written work.