Reading: Current Learning...

Reader's Workshop

Readers are taught not only to decode words, but to think critically about their reading for better and deeper understanding.

"The Clay Marble" by Minfong Ho

  • Pre-Reading
    • Activate prior knowledge about Southeast Asia (Cambodia) and its recent history (30 years)
    • Make connections with the region's history and people (i.e. war torn country, refugee life, etc)
    • Preview the book cover and book contents
    • Predict what the story will be about based on observations of the above
  •  During Reading
    • Reciprocal teaching: students read and discuss (prompts) about their readings
    • Find unfamiliar vocabulary: students use context clues to guess the meanings
    • Ask questions about what students are reading
  • After Reading
    • Summarize readings using five story elements
    • Confirm predictions
    • Answer questions and/or ask lingering questions
    • Respond to their reading