Nora Wall, Instructor

Academic Excellence

Yes! Your child can experience academic excellence, have confidence

in their abilities, and enjoy getting an education!

Why should I hire a tutor?

Tutors offer one-to-one instruction tailored to YOUR childs' needs, not the needs of every child in the classroom. Direct instruction, from a qualified tutor matched to your needs, is effective, powerful, and affordable!

When should I hire a tutor?

The best time to hire a tutor is BEFORE your child is failing. A tutor can help your child focus, develop a schedule, and enjoy academic success. This is much more effective (and easier!) than reteaching concepts the student doesn't understand. It's easier to keep an A than to reach an A!

How can I find a tutor?

First, look for a certified teacher. Possibly a college student or professional with a specific area of expertise can meet your needs. Meet with the tutor before hiring the tutor! Be sure the person understands exactly what you want, how many hours you are able to spend on tutoring each week, and what you are able to pay.

Tutoring is now available online! Using Skype and Team Viewer, we can work together to get-- and keep-- those A's!

Please e-mail for more information.