Meet Ms. Walsh

Hello!  My name is Erin Walsh, and I'm one of the 6th grade English Language Arts/Social Studies teachers! 


I grew up in Billerica, MA, and still live there.  I live with my fiancee, James, our dog, Oliver, our cats, Bear, Daisy Mae, and Chester, our fish, One Fish, and our lizards, Merlin and Hok'ee.  James and I will be getting married on July 4th, 2010


 I went to Western New England College in Springfield, MA for my undergrad, and majored in Elementary Education and English Literature.  I am working on my Master's degree in Education from Capella University with a focus of Reading and Literacy.  I love learning and I love teaching. 


I also love volunteering with New England Disabled Sports, cooking and baking, swimming, going to the beach, hiking, skiing, etc...