This is a list of the current week's homework assignments. It would behoove you to print this page.  That way, in case of emergencies, you're still able to do your homework without having to go online. ALL HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE THE NEXT DAY.


  • Read pgs. 10-16 about Ponce De Leon's journey to find the Fountain of Youth and discovering Florida.
  • Write a summary about his time in Florida and what happened to him eventually.


  • Read pgs. 17-25 regarding Pedro Menendez settling St. Augustine.
  • Write about why he went there in the first place. Explain.


  • Read pgs 26-32 about Sir Walter Raliegh establishing the first English colony of Roanake.
  • Write about the hardships that the settlers went through and other important happenings until Sir Francis Drake arrived.


  • Read pgs 33-40 regarding Sir Francis Drake's attack on Spanish St. Augustine
  • On paper, explain why he did this and what resulted from it.


  • After the field trip, write about your favorite piece of history that you learned about that day.  Turn in on Monday. Also, please remember to bring in any pictures you took during the Field Trip to share so we can post them in the classroom.