Plant and Animal Science

On these pages you will find links to your homework and other sites of interest.

9/13/10 - Remember to return your contracts as your 1st homework!

10/02/10 - Don't forget, first test is Wed.  We'll review in class on Tuesday!!

10/08/10 - 1st Marking Period Ends this coming Friday  Oct. 15.  Make sure you have ALL your homework and classwork done!!!

10/19/10 - Don't forget Quiz tomorrow.  Study!!!

10/22/10 - Short test on plant science

11/10/10 - Test on why leaves change color, chromotography,  parts of a leaf

11/24/10 - Quiz on roots and stems        2nd Marking Period Ends!!!!   Make sure all homework and classwork are in!!!

                                             HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!       ENJOY YOUR TURKEY DAY........GOBBLE   GOBBLE

12/01/10 - Quiz on Stems and Leaves

12/08/10 - Test on Roots, Stems and Leaves and Microscope

                                            SPRING TERM BEGINS FEBRUARY 1

02/02/11 - What will the groundhog predict for the rest of the winter?