About Me

Personal Philosophy of Education 

The purpose of education by Oxford Dictionary is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, or an enlightening experience.  My personal definition of being a teacher is to transform the minds of students and unlocking a powerful individual by giving them the gift of empowerment and freedom. Being a teacher to me means, you allow your students to feel empowered by the gift of intelligence. When you give your students the confidence to try ten times as hard as they did last time, just because they finally understand it, is astonishing. I say this not in the shoes of an educator, but the shoes of a young girl who felt like she was not smart and was nothing but a young girl.  When I found my way to the understanding who I am, and what I have to do to get the grades I want, I was empowered. No longer was I enslaved to feeling unintelligent, and worthlessness. I was empowered by the gift of trying ten times harder than everyone else and succeeding. This is the key I want to help my student discover. 


The specific role of a teacher is a supporter, a supporter of learning, and a supporter of their dreams. A teacher is a supporter, one who encourages the a student to mold themselves not into what the world says they should be, but who they want to be, who they were made to be. The role of a student is to be motivated and encouraged to learn. Students should take hold of their learning and be encouraged to better themselves every day and for the future. When students are excited to learn and when the teacher presents the information in a way that is understandable to them, the likelihood of the student retaining that information is much greater. 


When handling classroom management and discipline, I strongly agree that correcting a student in front of their fellow classmates will not only not be ineffective the children will be encouraged by getting attention and for everyone to see. Discipline in the classroom should be discreet but yet firm. The students need to know that the teachers want them to succeed and are on their team. In the beginning of the school year, it is essential to be firm but yet inviting in your in the classroom. 


As for curriculum, I think as teachers as much as we disagree we must stick to common core and standards. However, this does not mean we need to make our lessons boring and not meaningful because our state gives us requirements. I do think giving teachers a basis to build on is important to ensure that the students are getting the same core standards each grade level to continue to build on. I have only worked with creating lesson plans for about two years now, and I am grateful to have standards to base my lesson plans on. This gives teachers opportunities to explore their creativity and make unique engaging lessons for their group of students. 

Teachers are highly looked at in just about any community you go into. Teachers should always go into the community with an open mind and a giving heart. The career of a teacher is not just 5 days a week, it is 7 days a week, every time a teacher walks into the community someone will recognize them and judge their actions. Teachers have the ability to constantly pour into the future generations. This being said it is crucial that teacher remains professional but yet caring relationship between parents. This will allow for the parent to put down their anger and frustration when they know their child is not getting a subject or concept. These will eliminate the possibilities to cause anger or confusion between the parent and the teacher. The goals should always be their student/child to succeed in every way possible. On the other hand, the relationship between the student and teacher changes with grade level. However, the relationship should always maintain professionalism. The teacher should provide a safe place for students to be free from judgment or criticism that is unnecessary.