Reading Information

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In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Central Message (also known as Theme)

Remember, authors write for 3 main purposes: (I think of them as (PIE).



Persuade is to convince the reader to do something. Maybe the author is trying to convince the reader to eat more vegetables, be a kinder person, save wild African elephants or simply pick up litter when I see it?


Inform: Is to teach the reader something. Mostly we see this author's purpose put to use in nonfiction books. Think of the nonfiction books you've read. Maybe about dinosaurs, horses, football players or simply a Science textbook? The author is attempting to inform the reader about the main idea. 

Entertain: When the author writes a tale to entertain, or amuse, the reader. Often this is seen in the fiction genre (tales, fables, sci-fi, fantasy, and realistic, to name a few).

Often the author uses a theme (lesson) to teach readers about life.