Classroom Rules and Behavior Management

Below you will find information about our classroom rules and procedures as well as Ms. Wolf's behavior management system. 


Our Classroom Rules

1. Be Respectful

2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

3. Raise your hand before speaking

4. Keep our classroom environment clean and safe 

5. Everyone gets a chance to play and learn


Ms. Wolf's Behavior Management Plan

I monitor behavior throughout the day with a strike system. I carry a clipboard with each child's name. If a child has to be redirected often for the same misbehavior, I give them one strike. If they get three strikes, they must move their clip to yellow. If they get two strikes after that, they must move their clip to red. If there are children that are taking advantage of the three strike rule and consistently getting two strikes, their behavior plan may be adjusted to a two strike yellow rule. Children and parents will be notified of this change. Please sign your child's check sheet each night where you see the check for behavior. 

I have a space in the classroom that is considered a cool down area if children are upset and need a place to calm themselves down. After a few minutes in the cool down area, the child will be invited back to the group to continue their learning. Most behavior issues are handled inside of the classroom. If there are repeat offenses or serious misbehavior, such as physical aggression or extreme disruption, I will send the student to an administrator and they will be put on red for the day. A note will be sent home and will need to be signed. If it is not signed and returned, the parent will be called.   

A complete school-wide discipline plan can be found on this link: