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All About Ms. Wolf

All About Ms. Wolf

I would like to thank you for looking at this page to find out more about your child's teacher. I am an Atlanta native and was born and raised in Decatur Georgia. I lived in Dekalb County for over twenty years and now I live off of Peachtree Street near the Buckhead/Midtown area. I received my undergraduate degree in Ethnomusicology, primarily studying folk music from many parts of the world. I am fascinated by the many different cultures in the world and how people express their cultural ideals through music. Your children will soon tell you that Ms. Wolf is a rock star cheeky. I play guitar and I love to sing so I am excited to share that with the kids this year.

After my undergrad, I went on to get my Masters degree in Early Childhood Education at Georgia State University. My program was titled UACM, which stands for Urban Accelerated Masters Certification. It was there that I learned how to be a professional educator and serve children in inner city schools where there is a high demand for great teachers. My Program required one full year of student teaching in two different school settings. I taught fourth grade at McLendon Elementary (in the Clarkston area) serving many African American children as well as refugee students from many different parts of the world. I also taught 2nd grade at Oakcliff Elementary, where 90% of the students are hispanic and learning to read and write in their 2nd language. I am now teaching at TMSA and this is my second year teaching second grade. 


The parents were extremely supportive throughout my first year at TMSA and were always wondering what kinds of gifts to give for holidays and Teacher Appreciation Week. I am trying so hard to not eat sweets this year so I would prefer it if gifts are not edible. I love to frequent stores like Home Depot, Target, Kohls, Guitar Center, The Schoolbox, Starbucks, Office Depot or Staples, and IKEA. I LOVE GIFT CARDS!!! I also have a Keurig Coffee-maker and many parents have given me boxes of K-cups which are greatly appreciated. This coffee-maker saves my life every morning! Gifts and cards are greatly appreciated but please don't feel obligated. 


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