Frequently Asked Questions


What time can my child enter the classroom? What time is my child considered tardy? 

Children are able to enter the classroom no earlier than 7:30 am. Your child is considered tardy if they enter the classroom any later than 7:45 am.

Where is the TMSA calendar/schedule?

Please visit this link for the school calendar:

What is the daily schedule for Ms. Wolf's class?

Click on this link for our class schedule
Can I check my child out early?
Dismissal begins at 3:30pm. Please do not check your child out early unless they have a doctor's appointment or a valid reason. When children leave early, they are missing instruction and sometimes may miss homework assignments or forget to take certain books home with them. There are many procedures that we do at the very end of the day, such as checking off for behavior and adding parent communication in the agendas.  If your child leaves learly, this will disrupt the rest of the class as well. Most importantly, your child is missing out on important instruction and may not be as prepared for their assessments if they are leaving early.

Is it okay to send cash for field trips and lunch money with my child?

Yes, however, you must send it in a sealed envelope or plastic bag with the child's first and last name on the outside as well as what the money should be used for. PLEASE do not send cash with no name or reason attached.  It is greatly appreciated if you pay for your child's lunch meals online. In order to get started you will access the following website http://www.ezschoolpay.comOnce you have access to the home page, there is a prompt (left side) for "parents sign up now, click here".  Once you have completed that step it will take you to an information page. Continue to follow the prompt once your personal information has been entered.  Before you begin you must have your student(s) 4 digit PIN #.  If your student doesn't know their pin #, it's also located on the "payment reminder" labeled "account meal #". You will also need the zip code of the school, which is 30337 for both the upper and lower academy's.   The service is real time, which in reality the payment will be credited to your student(s) meal account within 15 minutes.  

Which days do I dress my child for PE?

Please visit this link for Ms. Wolf's Specials Calendar:

What kind of snack should I send with my child?

Please send a snack in a separate bag with the student's name on the bag. Please make sure it is a healthy snack that does not have too much sugar. Please do not send messy snacks, like Cheetos or Doritos. Oranges are healthy but are difficult for the children to eat and are often too messy for them to have at their desk. A granola bar, trail mix, or an apple would be a great snack. Please do not send candy or sugary snacks. 

Can my child change shoes for recess and PE?

For the sake of time and limited classroom storage space, we ask that the child enter the classroom with the shoes they will wear the entire day. Please try to find solid black, brown, or white shoes that will be appropriate for outdoor and indoor recreation. Remember that we try to take the children outside for recess each day and their clothes and shoes may get dirty.

Where can I find the lunch menu?

The lunch menu will soon be available on the TMSA website.

How are birthdays celebrated in Ms. Wolf's class?

To avoid interrupting instruction too many times throughout year, I celebrate all birthdays at the end of each month. If you would like to arrange a celebration, please let me know ahead of time and you may bring cupcakes or a small snack. The best time for cupcakes or snacks is during their lunch period at 10:30am. To celebrate each child on their special day, I give them a special pencil and card in the morning.

How do I schedule a conference with Ms. Wolf?

Conferences are by appointment only. I am available on Mondays after school between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. If the day and time does not work for you, please call or email to schedule a conference. I am also willing to hold a phone conference. Please schedule a phone conference appointment at least one day in advance so I can bring student work and assessments home to review over the phone with you. 

If I know my child will be absent, should I contact the school or the teacher?

Call the school secretary between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. if you know your child will be absent. You may send me an email as well to arrange for make-up work. If your child misses the majority of a week of school due to illness or travel, please schedule a conference to make sure that we can work together to help your child catch up on skills taught that week. Please make sure that your are still reading for 15 minutes each night as well as reviewing math skills for 15 minutes (with flashcards or the "Just for Kids" websites) with your child even if he/she is not attending school the following day.

When is homework due?  

Homework is given out each day except Friday. It is expected to be completed and turned in first thing in the morning as they unpack. During the week, the students have a center packet that they must finish before Friday. If they do not finish in class, they must bring it home, complete it over the weekend, and turn it in on Monday. 

How often and on what days will tests be given?
Assessments are given every Friday to test the skills learned throughout the week in each subject.
Is it possible to get homework assignments early?
As a grade level team, we discuss homework in our daily meetings and sometimes we have to change the plan for homework if students are not understanding the concepts as quickly as expected. The students will always have comprehension questions each week at the end of the Storytown lesson. We read one story per week and your child should know what story we are reading and how to find it in the table of contents. Completing the comprehension questions ahead of time is a great way to catch up on homework. Also, if you practice the spelling words early on in the week, your child will not have as much to study before Friday's assessments. 
There are so many spelling words. Which ones are on the spelling test? 
There are a total of 15 words tested on Friday. The first ten are the regular spelling words. The next five are the challenge words. I also choose at least 2 robust vocabulary words for extra credit. The children are not necessarily expected to spell the robust words but they MUST know the definitions by Friday. If you would like to accelerate your child's vocabulary and spelling skills at home, encourage them to spell all of the words. There are several students who received an award as an accelerated speller. They will be expected to know all of the robust words and they will be graded on those words each week. Ask your child if they have received an accelerated speller award. If you have questions about his, please contact me.
How is the grade decided?
The grading weights are below.

Homework- 10%

Test/Quiz- 40%

Classwork- 25% (center packets count as a classwork grade each week)

Projects- 25% 
I sent an email but have had no response. What should I do?
In the subject of each email, please type your child's name. Since there are two academies, teachers at TMSA get an average of 40 emails per day and the format is not very user-friendly. I do not always recognize parent names or email addresses but if I see one of my students in the subject, it will be the first email that I will open. Also, feel free to call me if you have any questions.