Ms. Yapell's Sixth Grade Language Arts

Welcome to Ms. Yapell's Sixth Grade Language Arts Website!

This is an extremely exciting and challenging year as you make the transition from elementary to middle school!  I am honored to be your teacher, guide and mentor throughout this often challenging transition.

 Our theme this year is all about human crisis and how relationships with animals can help us through these difficult times, whether they be the loss of our health, our home or a loved one and how relationships with animals can help us or our loved ones get through these difficult times.

We will read together, write together, share together and create many projects, always with the most important factor being to increase your critical thinking and writing skills while using your imagination!

I emphasize teamwork and family values.  We will begin the year with writing mission statements and we shall revisit and rewrite these statements throughout the year.

I have fieldtrips relating to our human-animal theme planned but only those students that complete classroom and home learning assignments will be able to attend these fieldtrips, this includes maintaining a"B" average in class.

Our mission statement is to learn and grow through curiosity and fun!