Project Page




Choose an assignment and follow the guidelines that are given for the assignment you have chosen.



Write a letter that an explorer might have written home telling about the land, water, and people he met on his voyage.

Use your textbook as a resource to tell:

  1. What your voyage was like
  2. What you found when you arrived (land and water)
  3. How you got along with the native people.




Write a petition to Governor Peter Stuyvesant explaining why he should not fight against the English.

Use your textbook as a resource to tell:

  1. At least three good reasons to surrender
  2. What you think would happen if you fight and how that would affect your life and the lives of all the other Dutch colonists
  3. What do you think could be three positive effects of surrendering



Each project will be at least three paragraphs and will be graded on:

 1. Your knowledge of information in chapter 4

 2. How well you letter/petition is written (structure, main ideas, supporting details, and concluding sentences)

3. Creativity- Be sure to stay in character as a Dutch colonist or an explorer. Your voice (in your writing) should sound like a person from that time.

Holiday Assignment Due Date has been extended to Monday, January 9.