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Research on improving Reading Comprehension:

What Every Educator and Parent Should Know About Reading Instruction

In this article about reading instruction, Joan Sedita implores parents and educators to familiarize themselves with the scientific-based research and what it tells us about teaching reading comprehension. Topics explored are: phonemic awareness instruction, phonics instruction, fluency instruction, vocabulary instruction, and text comprehension instruction.


Research Supporting The Key Three Routine: Comprehension Strategy Instruction

This article for educators and administrators includes information about the history of reading comprehension research, research-based reading comprehension instruction, strategy instruction for adolescent readers, teaching reading comprehension strategies in the content classroom, the need for professional development in strategy instruction, and more.


Moving From the Old to the New: Research on Reading Comprehension Instruction

This article is an attempt to integrate findings from research about comprehension processes, comprehension strategies, and teaching strategies in order to inform instructional practice in reading comprehension.


Comprehension Stratagy Instruction in Core Reading Programs;jsessionid=3F5FC59F78773D3EBA611D41872471E0.d02t02

In this article we will explore reading comprehension in order to provide the curriculum and guide the instruction for many classroom teachers. The purpose of this study was to conduct a curriculum analysis of comprehension instruction in the five most widely used core reading programs.


The Causes of High and Low Reading Achievement

In this article we will review inssues in todays school that cause our students to have highs and lows in reading comprehension and some key stratagies that can help them.