Regular Assignments

Regular Assignments:

Current Events is due every Friday. The students are to select a news event from the current week and write a structured response. They can either watch the news to select an event or read the paper. The response is a minimum of 5 paragraphs. Paragraph 1: who, what, where, when, why and how. Paragraph 2: How does this event effect you, the community, the world? Paragraph 3 : connections, questions, wonderings and independent ideas. Paragraph 4: your opinion of the event and why you feel that way. Paragrapgh 5: Conclusion restating the important aspects and how you could change from this event or what you would change based on this event.

Literary Responses are due at the end of the month and are based on their independent reading. They can use either fiction or nonfiction and are expected to produce a literary essay of no less than, but not limited to 5 paragraphs. This includes and introduction (thesis and reasons), body of the essay (where the reasons are supported with evidence and ideas) and a conclusion.

Math Exit Prompts: At the end of each week the students are expected to write about their successes in math, what strategies they used and how they were able to apply their skills. Students can also include in the exit prompts any concerns or questions they may have at the close of the week. As always, students are encouraged to share any concerns that they have at the moment they have them so that they can be addressed immediately.