Classroom Rules

JFK Middle School

Team Eclipse

Ms. Haynes 8th Grade

Classroom Rules and Consequences



1)    Enter the classroom, before the bell rings, quietly and in an orderly manner, ready to work.


2)    Remain respectful to your teacher, fellow students, school and yourself (Absolutely no foul language and/or fighting will be tolerated, they will result in an immediate referral and possible suspension, with no exceptions.) Keep your hands and feet to yourself and do not touch anyone else’s property.


3)    Sit quietly and do not get up form your seat unless given permission to do so.


4)    Remain quiet and attentive unless you raise your hand and are called upon to speak. No sleeping in class.


5)    There is no eating, drinking or chewing gum allowed in class.




A)    A student’s name being called and a count to “one” is a verbal warning.


B)   The student’s name being called and a count to “two” will result in the teacher issuing a detention.


C)   If a student’s name is called and a count to “three” is reached, the student will receive an “F” grade for the day in the grade book.


D)   If a student’s name is called and a count to “four” is reached, the teacher will place a phone call to the parent(s)/guardian(s) in order to address the student’s disruptive behavior.


If the disruptive behavior persists, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be asked to come to school to discuss the situation and attempt to remedy the problem.


Other disciplinary measures, which include but are not limited to: detentions, referrals, loss of privileges, referrals and student contracts will be implemented if necessary.


The teacher will also implement incentives and rewards program in order to provide positive reinforcement for the students when appropriate.