JFK Middle School

Team Eclipse

Ms. Haynes 8th Grade

 Daily Classroom Procedure

1.    Enter quietly in an orderly fashion. Sit in your seat quietly and quickly.

2.    Unexcused tardiness will result in a detention being issued.

3.    Come prepared to class with ALL the necessary pens, pencils, books and paper. Pencils should be sharpened BEFORE the tardy bell rings.

4.    Prepare yourself for class by disposing of any garbage, sharpening pencils and taking out necessary items such as books, notebooks or other materials before the second bell rings.

5.    Ask questions by raising your hand and wait to be called upon before answering.

6.    Remain respectful towards other students, teacher as well as yourself.

7.    Use the restroom BEFORE coming to class. A student may be excused for bathroom use only with permission of the teacher. The teacher may use his/her discretion in deciding who may use the restroom.

8.    Any disruptions will be immediately addressed according to classroom rules and regulations.

9.    Students will provide their BEST efforts and the teacher will as well.

10. Students MUST complete their assignments in the time allowed by their teacher.

11. Late assignments will ONLY be accepted as a result of an excused absence.

12. Students will remain attentive to the teacher's instructions.

13. Students will wait for teacher to dismiss them and will exit the classroom in an orderly fashion though the door in the front of the class. The bell does not dismiss the class the teacher does.

14. Any student refusing to follow classroom procedures may face disciplinary consequences.


JFK Middle School

Ms. Haynes 8th Grade

Collection of Student’s Work Protocol


Each student will have a file created on their behalf in order to maintain documentation of the work a student submits and their progress.


The work will then be available for review by a parent/guardian, student, administrator or any other authorized person. The parents must make an appointment to review the file and the student is encouraged to request the same with the teacher’s supervision.


The work will be submitted at the beginning of the class on the day it is due  unless other provisions have been made in advance.


Students and parents/guardians will be responsible for obtaining the coursework and/or homework assigned if they are not present.


Work completed must be neat, legible and in the student’s best efforts.


Items to be included in the student’s file, may include but are not limited to: homework, quizzes, tests, in-class assignments, progress reports, records of parent conferences, referrals, anecdotal information and attendance records.


If a student is discovered cheating, initial measures will be taken within the classroom and the student will not be given credit for the work. The matter will be documented in their file as well. If the problem persists, the parent will be notified and may be asked to have a meeting with the teacher.


Copies of the student’s work will be sent home periodically for the parent’s/guardian’s viewing and asked to be returned signed as acknowledgement that they have done so.


If, at any time, there are any concerns regarding a student’s progress, I strongly encourage and welcome addressing the matter.