About the course :)

Hello, all! Here is the class outline and course description!


The English as an Additional Language (EAL) 10 program will provide students with a variety of learning opportunities to improve speaking and listening skills, personal development, and responsibility in addition to the skills necessary for success in other courses.




What Students Will Learn (GCO’s)

Percent of Mark







Speaking and Listening



 GCO 1:  Students will be expected to speak and listen to explore, extend, clarify, and reflect on their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences.

• small-group discussion

• informal debate

• oral presentations









 GCO 2:  Students will be expected to communicate information and ideas effectively and clearly and to respond personally and critically

• small-group discussions

• debates

• oral presentations

• re-enactments

** 5 percent of the speaking and listening grade will be for class participation








Reading and Viewing

 GCO 4:  Students will be expected to select, read, and view with understanding a range of literature, information, media, and visual texts.

• engage in self-selected reading

• talk and write about reading and viewing experiences

• make connections

• explore how and why readers and viewers construct different

meanings from the same text

• discussion groups

• listen to the teacher read aloud

GCO 5:  Students will be expected to interpret, select, and combine information, using a variety of strategies, resources, and technologies.

• view visual and media texts

• develop strategies for collecting and processing information

• note taking

• paraphrase and summarize





















Writing and other ways of Representing

GCO 7: respond critically to a range of texts, applying their understanding of language, form, and genre

 • Expressive writing

• free writes

• reading journal entries















GCO 9: Create texts collaboratively and independently using a variety of forms for a range of audiences and purposes


• narratives

• reviews

• scripts / storyboards

• flier / ad design

GCO 10:  Students will be expected to use a range of strategies to develop effective writing and other ways of representing and to enhance their clarity, precision, and effectiveness

• generate several drafts of a piece of writing

• refining, editing and proofreading

• experiment with sentence length and construction

• use print and electronic aids to proofread

• use audio / visual technology to communicate a message / feeling

• Generate text for the purpose of a listening audience


** 5% of mark will be based on students’ notebooks and ability to maintain neat and tidy notes and work for class.


Midterm Examination:  Date TBA                                                                                                                                10%

Final Examination: Date TBA                                                                                                                                        15%

                                                                                                                                                                             Total:    /100%


Instructional strategies that will be used include, Direct instruction, guided discovery, jigsaws, videos, problem-solving, quizzes, tests, questioning, and projects.


 Students will complete both individually based as well as group in-class tasks such as essays, posters, reading logs and assignments. Tests, quizzes, projects, oral participation and observations of and conversations with students will also be assessed. 


**Students are asked and required to have a binder for class. Either a 2 or 3 ringed binder, standard A4 size will work but they must have rings.** Students will be required to bring their binders, paper, and pens/ pencils to each class. There will be no textbook


Students are encouraged to seek extra help from their peers, Head Teachers, and the course teacher.  Students are welcome to drop by the teachers’ office or classroom if they have any questions or concerns.  If there is a persistent issue that needs attention, a meeting can be held with the student, Head Teacher, and course Teacher to determine a plan, which will allow the student to best succeed.


Students must be ready at the start of class, with their binder and writing instruments ready.  Participation is mandatory, and all students will be expected to contribute to activities and discussions in class.  


Students will be responsible for all coursework even if they happened to be absent on the day it is assigned.  Longer absences must be discussed with the course teacher.  All assignments will have a due date, but exceptional circumstances may interfere with a student’s ability to complete the work.  This must be discussed with the course teacher before the due date.


It is the responsibility of the student to obtain any missed work from the teacher or a fellow classmate.  Assessments (tests, quizzes, debates, presentations) must be made up.  Procedures for making up missed assignments will follow the SUHS Assessment/ Evaluation/ Reporting of Student Learning “Procedures and Guidelines” Handbook.


All out-of-class assignments have clearly defined due dates and should be handed in on that date.  If a student does not pass in the assignment on time, the parent-guardian will be contacted and the student will have access to extra help so that the assignment can be finished as soon as possible.  Procedures for making up and submitting late assignments will follow the SUHS Assessment/ Evaluation/ Reporting of Student Learning “Procedures and Guidelines” Handbook.


Every student in our program will be taught what academic honesty and dishonesty are.  From that point on, the student is responsible to practice academic honesty.   Any assignment in which a student has been academically dishonest will be treated as if it were a late assignment: parent-guardian will be contacted, and the student will have to do the assignment again in a supervised situation.  Should there be more occurrences of academic dishonesty in the course, those assignments/assessment will receive grades of zero.


Scheduled parent-teacher interview will be held in November, after midterm examinations.  Throughout the year parents or guardians are welcome to schedule an appointment (with translation) to discuss their child’s progress by contacting the head teacher.  Students may talk to the course teacher before/after class, after school, or by appointment.  Students may also contact the course teacher by email.   Your email will be replied to in a reasonable time period, but please do not expect an immediate response.